CCTV Surveillance Camera Installations For Your Manchester Home & Business

Our CCTV engineers are also ready to secure your home and business in Salford, Eccles, Urmston, Sale, Denton, Taunton, Stockport, Chadderton, Oldham, Altrincham.

What is a CCTV System?

CCTV Security Systems are systems that include many cameras connected to one central recording facility. This central recording facility provides security against possible intruders. These cameras are used to protect commercial businesses. Security camera systems can be extremely adaptable. You can add additional cameras to your system, depending on how much space you have. Depending on your budget, you have the option of a variety of storage capacities, resolutions, and pricing options. Security will be assured even when you are not there.

No matter how complex or costly, we can install any security system you require.

Should you get CCTV to protect your Manchester company?

Business owners can rest assured that their company is secure from thieves and intruders. A CCTV system will bring many benefits to your company. Your insurance premiums can be reduced by installing a security camera system within your company. They will see that you care about security and will be less likely to consider you a risk. You will save a lot of money on insurance by installing a CCTV system.

We provide a range of services that will meet the needs of commercial business owners.

Here’s a list of CCTV services that we offer to businesses in Manchester.

Commercial CCTV Installation

Our Supply & Install service offers the most advanced surveillance technology to protect your business 24/7.

We are a local company that is well-established and offers dedicated services to all business owners. We can make your business more stress-free and safer.

We will carefully listen to what you need and create a system that meets your needs. We can install a CCTV system to protect your business from criminals and monitor remote areas. The system can be installed by the company.

We sell CCTV systems from top brands that are equipped with SMART technology. This will ensure your system is ready for any threat.

For more information on the various types and methods of installing CCTV within your business, visit our service page.

CCTV Only Installation

This service is available to those who have done their research and bought a CCTV System. Only experts can install the system.

It’s much more complex than you might imagine. A CCTV specialist should devise a strategy to eliminate blind spots and create infrastructure that is compatible.

The ‘installation only” service offers on-site training to help you use your new system. This eliminates the need for you to spend hours reading through the manual.

Visit our service pages for more information about our CCTV Installation Only Service.

CCTV Installation Site Survey

Our customers are entitled to free site surveys. We will visit you at the Manchester to measure the building. We then devise a strategy for where and how the cameras should be placed.

We require a site visit to provide our ‘Supply and Install’ service. This allows you to create a strategy and a custom service that meets your needs. This also protects your business.

More information on CCTV Site Surveys can be found at our service page.

CCTV System Maintenance

All our customers in Manchester can avail a Planned Preventative Maintenance program, (PPM). This program is ongoing. This service ensures that the CCTV equipment we install continues to work well after it is installed. A checklist will help you with the installation of your CCTV system.

All equipment and wiring are checked. Our engineer will examine your recording to make sure it is accurate timestamped and clear of obstructions.

For more information about our CCTV Maintenance services, visit our service section.

CCTV Repair & Upgrade near Manchester

Businesses that require their CCTV equipment to be repaired, replaced or upgraded in Manchester can get it done by us immediately. It can usually be done in one visit.

Businesses can use our ‘Upgrade service’ to expand and upgrade their CCTV infrastructure. It may surprise you how affordable it can be, as older equipment might still work with current systems.

Visit our service page for more information on upgrading your system.